As fall starts to finally settle in, I now have quite a few things going on in my life with school, work, and other occupations.

The fall semester of school at IPFW is now in full swing, along with all the required study and work needed to do well. A lot of interesting problems have already come up from my introduction to C programming class (a topic which I am quite familiar with) as well as my engineering design class (a topic which I will soon learn much about).

In addition to that, I am still working at Russ Moore Transmissions, a transmission repair and rebuild shop in Fort Wayne, IN working with the technical aspects of running the shop. This includes working with their Windows 2003 servers, Active Directory, and all the problems, headaches, and breakdowns that inevitably spring up when dealing with anything Windows related. However, there is hope that the current system they have might be somewhat re-hauled, as the status quo is unacceptable.

An interesting problem that I will be working on at Russ Moore is tracking several pieces of data related to a single entity over the course of time. The pieces of data are produced in different programs and ways (some are currently typed or written out). Right now, I am not so sure how I am going to go about it just yet, but I am sure Ruby on Rails will play a role.

Also, I will also be working on some projects of my own sometime. I am not sure what they will be now, but sometimes I get the feeling that I have a great idea, an innovation inside my head just waiting to be stumbled on. Perhaps everyone has that feeling. Or maybe I am just crazy. We will see.