I recently went with my Dad to listen to some open baffle speakers he had been wanting to get for some time now. They are made by Hawthorne Audio, and they graciously let us come to their shop to listen to how they sound.

I don't think I have ever listened, really listened, to real music before then.

The dimensionality, the depth, the emotion of the music was so powerful. Each instrument could be heard in one place and only that place, as if you could reach out and touch it. As the music played, you could just sit there and absorb the music, reflecting upon all the nuanced sounds and how combined they produce the welling emotion and wonder that the music was designed all along to do.

The speakers themselves are not that large, they are really just a thin frame with the speakers mounted in them, sticking out the back. The speakers we listened to was a pair of Trio's, each featuring a 10" coaxial driver and two 10" bass-augmenting drivers. The "augies", as they were called, are powered by plate amps. The coaxial drivers are powered by whatever amp you want to use, the ones we listened to used a tube amp known as a "spud" amp. The specs for all the speakers Hawthorne Audio makes can be found on their website if you want to investigate further.

I can honestly say that the experience of listening to music on those speakers has changed what I think of as music. I don't think anything else short of actually being there with the musicians can produce what these speakers can.